Stansell's Tools

Congrats! You've found my tools page. These are a set of tools that either I or one of my friends wrote and maintain. No fancy HTML here, but hopefully the tools themseles are useful.

  • I have to mention conserver. It's the software I'm maintaining that eases computer console management.

  • I also need to mention my version of putty. I had to "hack" it a bit to get a behavior that i like.

  • bsremind (version 1.18) is a simple reminder program that will help you remember when things are happening. I run it from cron nightly to remind me of things to do that day and by hand to check on random days.

  • imgconvert (version 1.35) is a tool to generate a series of web pages to present a group of images. You can add captions, header, etc and not have to worry about any HTML.

  • symlink-tools (version 1.9) is a simple script that populates /usr/local based on the tools installed in /tools. The cool thing is that it'll remove broken links as well.

  • rotate (version 1.8) is a simple script for rotating files (usually logfiles). You can give it a target directory for old files, a compression option, file modes, etc. Very cool and straighforward.

  • parallel (version 1.0) is a program for running multiple versions of a command simultaneously and in batches. It reads data from a file or stdin and uses that data to permute a command into those multiple versions. It's kinda like the -P option in GNU xargs, but a bit different.

  • build (version 1.2) is a simple script for organizing the building of tools. it's got a couple of my site-specific things in it, but it's documented and easy to change. it's pretty basic, but also pretty cool!

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